The Complete Guide To Men’s Accessories | Modern Men’s Guide

Orange may be the new black for America and yes I love the series but black is still my favorite when it comes to my sartorial choices. This blog is all about accessories; how men should carry them and how it adds up something new to the outfit and you turn heads.

Everyone love the all black look as it can be worn anytime anywhere plus it is very common these days. It’s easy because everyone has at least one black T-shirt and a pair of a black jeans/pants, black is a color that suits almost all the shades and shapes and is very easy to pair them with almost everything. By adding some accessories you can change the whole look and impact of your outfit. If you are an introvert you can start wearing a nice plain simple watch like I wear, if you are not a big fan of metal strap then you can opt for black or tan color leather strap. If you are a ring person then always pair them with a black basic outfit. A big vibrant stone ring to be paired looks classic and can go absolutely with any pair. There are different types of belts in the market and every belt is worn on a particular time. A black leather belt and a canvas belt is a must as they are very trendy and goes with almost everything. I am wearing this unique belt with an attached keychain which has been a really popular trend these days. By ending this look I have wore a black strap to my shoulder to enhance and complete the look.

This was my look. Now it’s your turn to post your picture styling yourself with my tips and tag me and don’t forget to use my ‘#’ #spaceboy98

{Outfit Details}

T-Shirt, Pants & Shoes: H&M

Belt: AliExpress

Pics of me courtesy Jugal Vyas

Hope you enjoyed the post!

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