Checks shirt ft. Zara

Hi guys! Today I am going to talk about a outfit which is quite popular and never goes out from  the fashion league and rocks all the weather.

     A checks shirt is worn by every one and at every occasion. Every men’s wardrobe should have atleast one checks shirt which is always in the fashion through out year and it’s good to invest in these type of shirts because they never go out of fashion. Weather it’s a party or a business meeting a check shirt will always rock ur apperance. There are so many types of check shirt out some are wide check some are thin check. Wide check are worn on the party days because it’s is very casual and if you know how to style proper then it looks a smart casual to smart outfit. The thin check are more often wore in business meeting or in office because check give you a sleek look of formals and give a thin detail to your regular shirt.

A clear indicator for what thickness you should be going for is the time of year and temperatures outside.

         In winter you can layer with a court, Blazer, or with a denim jacket. In summer try to find a light material shirt. Checks have too many options in it choose according with what are you comfortable. The wide check can go with a skinny or a straight legs jeans. The thin check can be paired with neutral colour chinos for a more formal look.

           What I have choosed is full length sleeves a thin check shirt with a chest pocket and a buttoned collar details. I have paired with a blue denim and white sneakers. You can also pair with a black pants or you can layered with a black blazer.

 Hope you guys like this blog. Comment down below what you guys think about this outfit.

Photographer: jugal vyas

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