Summer hack ft. Splash

Hi guys how are you all doing.! Recently I was in the mall and checking out the new fashion trends, and I found something which I fell in love with it. I could not take my eyes off and I finally bought it and this blog is all about it.

Look 1

Paisley is an evergreen print and fabric for all seasons. This print is very much unique and it’s the preferable to hookup  in this hot weather and being fashionable. Summer is the season where you can wear any prints no matter how it is but it will always rock the summer. There are many more prints out there choose what’s best for you and be the stylish hulk in the group.

Look 2

Same as the printed clothes, pattern clothes are also in the trends for summer and also light and comfortable and beat the heat. This outfit is one of my favourite outfit and I am in the love with it’s pattern and the material is damn good. This pattern is something unique and that’s what I like about the Splash India, they make all their clothes so unique that can’t find the same collection any where else.

All the outfit are available at the Splash store you can check in any of the splash outlet and buy.


Picture credit – Jugal vyas,  Mohit Shah

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