Star Boy ft. Printoctopus

Hello guys! I am back with a fascinating blog which is quite interesting then all of my previous blog. Recently I have collaborated with one of the brand which is manufacturing one of my favourite couture and this blog is all about it.

This blog is very special to me because I have waited for so many months for this collaboration and this blog! Every one likes to have some amazing quotes or their favourite superheros on their tee. Not only men/women-tshirt but also phone coverposters , canvas print ,mouse pad sounds good has make it printoctopus easy to go. They have their website where you can order all the super cool stuffs.

This is what I have bought for myself have a look at this:

The t-shirt is quite appealing and that’s what I like about the brand. The fabric is very light weighted and it’s best time to wear in the summer without any hesitation.!

You can also pair this tee with blue/white jeans or even with denim shorts it goes on anything and that’s what I like about it.

Don’t forget to check out their amazing website as your outfits are just a click awayy Click Here


Malhar Sony photography.

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