Summer style

Guys Outfits Combinations with Shorts– I’m sure most guys will have a bit of a panic when it comes to shorts and what should they wear them with. I’m also sure that some guys will have a hidden pair of shorts they had on holiday several years ago that have never seen the daylight since. There really is no reason to be worried about shorts as they are always in fashion and as long as you get the right look and fit you can master it! But what clothing does go with shorts? What styles are best? And what footwear is great with shorts? This post covers the latest styles and looks guys can achieve with shorts.

Here I have pair blue shorts with white printed shirt along with blue and white stripes shoes and a blue side bag that complete the whole look. This summer is all about the printed shirt/t-shirt. Summer is always incomplete with out the sun glasses. There are lots of different types of glasses out there and you can choose anyone of then that’s suites you.

Picture credit: Jugal vyas

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