Summer times


Blue chinos are a versatile piece of clothing and if you’re looking for an alternative to jeans, a way to brighten up a formal look or  standard legwear, a pair of blue chinos is the best way to go. Read on for some suggestions on what to wear with blue chinos whether simply perfect, or more dynamic look.

Smart casual for outdoor purpose

Just like jeans, blue chinos have a versatility, meaning that can be go to number of different looks. If you are wondering what to pair up with blue chinos, we will show you some outfit and how to style then. We will also tell you which shoes can be pair up with blue chinos, and also some suggestions to smarten up this classic menswear piece. We have pair blue chinos with white and blue stripe polo t-shirt, blue and white belt, Clubmaster glasses and a pair of white shoes. This outfit can also called a smart casual and can be wear in day to day life.

Casual wear for casual meeting

For casual, everyday look that will suit anyone, wear your chinos as alternative to jeans, hook them with simple pieces like denim jacket, shirt or a base T-shirt. The chinos will give the outfits a casual edge, especially to give a decent look.  Hear I have pair blue chinos with blue printed shirt along with white shoes and a Clubmaster glasses to complete the outfit.

Formals for day to day office wear 

 There are few ways you can create a formal look with blue chinos, and the most obvious choice is to go full and get yourself a white shirt or a formal light colour shirt and a brown belt.You can also hook up with a navy blue or a grey blazer and something like a brown wingtip (brogue) or a brown tassel loafers are a perfect combination.

Picture credit : Jugal vyas 

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