Dont panic!!!  A white jeans would be challenging to wear for the first time. Many people like white jeans but they fail to choose the right combo. But it’s as easy as to wear a black or blue denim jeans, it’s not rocket science.


Summer is at the peak and you may think to gear up with something in white. Summer is the perfect time to buy the white jeans and to pair it with light plain shirt/t-shirt. If the weather is nice and warm try to pair white jeans with floral colour for the ultimate look. Casual white shoes or black loafers go best with the white jeans.


You would always have thought to try on a white Jeans but never really did it. I am glad you are curious. The simple white jeans can be pair with t-shirt,half sleeve shirt, full sleeve shirt, blazer or jackets. Here I have paired white jeans with black t-shirt, Red sweatshirt, and light orange shirt with half sleeves fold and tuck in, and also brown shoes which complete the whole image.


• Remember to make your outfit simple and sexy with plain shirt/t-shirt.

• Add different colours to your blazer or jacket to look more classy and a lil funky.

• This season is all about white jeans instead of blue or black denims.

• Footwear is easy to pair with white jeans, just make sure you clean your shoes till the level of no spots.

Picture credit: Jugal vyas

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